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 Saturday, 21. October 2017 - Sunday, 22. October 2017
 Departure location TBC

Without a doubt the premiere event on the calendar, of the Porsche Club of Canberra, is the annual Mystery Rally held in October.  

Each year club members gather at defined location with their cars, a full tank of petrol, an overnight bag and a spirit of adventure.  At the departure point each car is given a series of directions and questions to be answered and then heads off into the country.

The event can be thought of as a cross between the Amazing Race and an old school road rally.  

We will get to drive some fantastic country roads that will be both interesting to drive and accompanied by some amazing scenery.  We will wind our way through parts of rural NSW that you may not have seen before and we will get to experience some of the beauty that makes up the districts around us.  

The event includes overnight accommodation on the Saturday night (with off street parking for our cars) and will include a delicious dinner at whatever mystery location our organiser, Peter Wood's has selected. Where we can all discuss the days driving, dispute the scoring and hand out prizes for particpants.  The Rally destination is normally no more than 3 hours or so away from Canberra and each participating car is able to return to Canberra on the Sunday by whatever route they wish.  Some cars travel directly and some take advantage of their location in the country and travel home via alternative route to savour some more great driving roads.

This event can be enjoyed by all Porsche owners modern, classic and SUV and the route chosen will provide something for all participants.

If you have not done the Rally before it is highly recommended that you put the date aside and find yourself a navigator so that you can particpate in this fantastic event. 

Watch your inbox as further details regarding the event will be forthcoming.


Organiser: Peter Woods