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 Saturday, 19. March 2022

Porsche Club Canberra Rally

The 2021 rally has been postponed to 19-20 March 2022.

Note that registrations for the 2021 rally have been carried over to March 2022. 

For those who have yet to experience a PCC rally, these take the form of a competitive "observation" rally along a route you work out as you travel, ending at a mystery destination for dinner and overnight accommodation. Commencing on the Saturday morning, this is a whole weekend event, and is Porsche Club Canberra's premier event each year.

Participants are encouraged to bring a navigator or co-driver. Additional passengers (up to two additional people per car, or four people in total) can be brought along as well.

This year's rally is being organised by last year's winners, Rod Key and Helen Casey. 


The cost of the event, inclusive of meals and accommodation, is $350 per car/couple, with $150 for the first additional person, and just $50 for a second additional person.

Can I only participate if I'm driving a Porsche?

No, you can participate in any car you like, especially if you only have a two seater Porsche and would like to bring family members along in the family sedan. However, these rallies take place over great driving roads that are arguably best experienced in an example of Stuttgart's finest! 

Registration information

Limited registrations are again available until 5pm 6 March 2022 - go here for the form