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 Saturday, 25. July 2020 - Sunday, 26. July 2020
 Starting from Gunning 9am


A drive through some backroads to Orange with a couple of short breaks.  Maybe time for a coffee at Millthorpe on the way.
A buffet lunch at Orange Mountain Wines with wine tasting, hopefully with the wine maker.  Lunch will be subsidised by the club.
A get together for pre-dinner drinks.
A choice of venues for dinner, either fine dining at Charred, or a pub meal for a less formal occasion.
Get together for coffee or breakfast at Byng Street Café on the Sunday.
Visit some more wineries of your choice and make your way home.
Meet Gunning 9am Saturday 25 July for a 9:30 start.  Don’t be late!
Return the following day in your own time.

Express your interest by emailing Alan Subkey: 

This event has reached its capacity limit (mainly constrained by lunch and dinner venue capacity).