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 Thursday, 8. March 2018

Join Gulsons Canberra Porsche Centre at a track day at Wakefield Park

Join the local Canberra Porsche Dealership at Wakefield Park, for the opportunity to drive your car how it should be driven…. without the risk of being caught!!!

It is also a GREAT opportunity to show your family and friends how AWESOME your car is, as passengers are allowed in your vehicle. (with the exception of the timed session at lunchtime)

On previous days we have had a number of ‘no shows’and as we limit the number of cars this has resulted in people who have wanted to attend, missing out.

As there are a limited numbers of vehicles allowed on the track...... please confirm your place now by way of payment!!!

Cost is $250 for those bringing a vehicle, including lunch. You are more than welcome to bring guests and cost is $30 for lunch

As it is catered on a per head basis we do need to confirm number of guests for lunch a few days before the event

Bank deposit or credit card authority attached, or feel free to call in, have a coffee and cash is fine too.

Friends with their own cars are more than welcome as well.

Note this is not a Porsche Club Canberra event and you need to complete the attached form and provide to Gulsons before the event to secure a position on this day.


Contact Gulsons directly for more information.